Free Time Management PPT Presentations


       1.   Personal Time Management PPT PresentationPersonal Time Management PPT Presentation



22 slides include:

  • Time management is life management
  • Different classification of time
  • Increasing discretionary time
  • Maxim of planning
  • Precept of prioritizing
  • Value of a diary
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • What is your typical day?
  • Self test – How wisely do you manage your time?


Time Management PPT Presentation for Managers              2. Time Management PPT Presentation for Managers



42 slides include:

  • Time management danger signals
  • Identifying the danger signals
  • Time wasters – organizational factors
  • Time wasters – managerial factors
  • Time wasters – personal factors
  • Time wasters – environmental factors
  • Time wasters, possible causes and solutions
  • Time management principle
  • Personal time management strategy
  • Multi-tactic strategy
  • Time log significance
  • Time Sheet significance
  • The ABC analysis


Time management PPT Presentation for Employees              3.  Time management PPT Presentation for Employees




18 slides include:

Definition of time management

Tasks for managing time

  • Set goals
  • Prioritize
  • Beat procrastination
  • Manage/utilizing time
  • Work smartly
  • Get things done
  • Achieve with focus



Time Management PPT Presentation for Managers/Businesses       4. Time Management PPT Presentation for Managers/Businesses


16 slides include:

  • Interaction of managers and the levels
  • Distribution of self-imposed time
  • Where is the monkey (analogy)
  • Who is working for whom?
  • What a manager decides
  • Manager strategies
  • Meaning of the analogy
  • Anatomy of managerial initiative
  • Control over time
  • Discretionary time


Time management PPT Presentation for Managers/Employees   5. Time management PPT Presentation for Managers/Employees



35 slides include:

Time management workshop: 27 things not to do in order to manage time without stress.


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